Pet Animals Name Hindi and English – पालतू जानवरों के नाम

Pet Animals Name Hindi And English- Hello friends, do you know pet animal name in Hindi and English? How many names of animals do you know? In today’s post, we will give you the complete list of pet names (Paltu janwar ke naam & Pet Animals Name Hindi and English). In this post, we will tell you about some such animals which are easily kept by people.

Pet Animals Name Hindi and English | पालतू जानवर के नाम

In which there will be mainly pets (paaltu janvaron ke naam). Many children get to write the names of animals in school homework as well, but children can write only 10 names. Will help to remember the names of animals. In this post they will get the names of animals with pictures, which will make their understanding more easy. Please read the post completely and get complete information.

Many people know the name of the same animal, which they see around them. But if asked to tell or write the name of the animal in a certain number, then many people may not be able to tell. Why don’t they see all the animals or all the domesticated animals (Pet Animals Name Hindi and English) around them.

How Many Types Of Animals –

There are many types of animals in the world, which are of many different species. All animals have their own different colors, looks and sounds. Humans love animals a lot. Humans also keep many animals.

Many animals are also very useful in human life, which make their work successful as well, as a quote, the bull which is reared by a man, that bull is useful in his farming. In the same way, the dog which is nurtured by a man also protects his house. Now the important thing is to understand how many sides the animals are from.

There are mainly 7 types of animals according to different basis and category.

  • Pets (पालतू जानवर)
  • Wild Animals (जंगली जानवर)
  • Farm & Domestic Animals (फार्म और घरेलू पशु)
  • Sea Animals (समुद्री जानवर)
  • Birds (पक्षी)
  • Mammals Animals (स्तनधारी पशु)
  • Insects (कीड़े)

But today in this post we will know only the names of pets as well as their Picture (Pet Animals Name Hindi and English).

Pet Animals Name Hindi and English : Domestic Animals Name in Hindi and English

4Duckमादा बतख़
15Henमुर्गी (Murgi)
16Oxबैल (Bail)
17Catबिल्ली (Billi)
19Dogकुत्ता (Kutta)
20Cowगाय (Gay)
25Yakचमरी गाय  (याक)

Pet Animals Name Hindi And English – Domestic Animals Name

In today’s post, we will tell you the names of some pet animals, as well as show pictures of those animals, so that you can get knowledge about them.

S.NoPicture Of AnimalEnglish Name Of Animal Hindi Name Of Animals
1cat Cat (कैट)
बिल्ली (Billi)
2sheep a domestic animalSheep (शीप)भेड़ (Bhed)
Ox (ऑक्स)

बैल (Bail)
4horse a domestic animalHorse (हॉर्स)घोड़ा (Ghoda)
5goat a domestic animalGoat (गोट)बकरी (Bakri)
6horse a domestic animalMare (मेयर)घोड़ी (Ghodi)
7cow a domestic animal
Cow (काऊ)

गाय (Gay)
8rabbit animalRabbit (रैबिट)खरगोश (Khargosh)
9pig animalPig (पिग)सूअर (Suwar)
10camel animalCamel (कैमल)ऊंट (Unt)

Domestic Animals Name in Hindi and English

S.No Picture Of Animal English Name Of Animals Hindi Name Of Animals
11dog a petDog (डॉग)कुत्ता (Kutta)


S.No Picture Of Animal English Name Hindi Name
21parrotParrot (पैरेट)तोता (Tota)
22Mouse (माउस)चूहा (Chuha)
23puppyPuppy (पप्पी)कुत्ते का बच्चा (Kutte ka bachcha)
24Cock (कॉक)मुर्गा (Murga)
25hen a animal Hen (हेन)मुर्गी (Murgi)
26Pigeon animal namePigeon (पिजन)कबूतर (Kabutar)
27Peacock animalsPeacock (पीकॉक)मोर (Mor)
28duck a animalDuck (डक)बत्तख (Batakh)
domestic animals name in hindi and english with photo

20 – Domestic Animals Name

  • बिल्ली (Billi)
  • कुत्ता (Kutta)
  • भेड़ (Bhed)
  • बैल (Bail)
  • घोड़ा (Ghoda)
  • बकरी (Bakri)
  • घोड़ी (Ghodi)
  • गाय (Gay)
  • खरगोश (Khargosh)
  • सूअर (Suwar)
  • ऊंट (Unt)
  • बत्तख (Batakh)
  • मोर (Mor)
  • कबूतर (Kabutar)
  • मुर्गी (Murgi)
  • मुर्गा (Murga)
  • तोता (Tota)
  • कुत्ते का बच्चा (Kutte ka bachcha)
  • चूहा (Chuha)
  • तोता (Tota)
  • भैस

Names & Benefits of pets and about them :

Let us know the benefits of keeping a pet, in this we will tell about 5 types of animals, as well as the benefits of keeping that animal –

DogThe most domesticated animal in the whole world is the dog, it is known for its loyalty. The first animal to be domesticated in human history was the dog. People also keep it for the protection of their homes. Its scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris. It is an animal of a wolf species.
GoatDifferent species of goats are found all over the world. Its total number of species is more than 300. Goat milk has many benefits. The average age of a goat is 15 years. The scientific name of goat is Capra aegagrus hircus.
Donkey It is called Gaddha in Hindi. In olden times it was used to wash a lot of stuff. Even today it is used somewhere in the village. Donkey is still used in the village to lift the goods.
CowCow is mostly reared for milk, cow’s milk is most commonly used. Cow is very useful and beneficial for us. Cow urine, cow milk, cow dung, all things are useful for humans. The scientific name of cow is Bos taurus.
BuffaloMany people rear buffalo only for milk. Its scientific name is Bubalus bubalis. The breed of buffalo that gives the highest milk is called Murrah buffalo. Many people still prefer buffalo milk.
Horse In today’s time, many people keep horse by connecting it with their rutva, horse has also been helping man a lot since many years ago, it has been a very good companion of man. The scientific name of horse is Equus caballus.
ParrotThis is a pet. This is a bird that people often keep in their homes, parrots are imitative birds. It copies your spoken words. It is a very intelligent bird. The scientific name of parrot is Psittaciformes.
Mule It is called Khchar in Hindi. Mules are still used in the village for transportation. These combine the strength of a horse with the flexibility of a donkey. They require less food than horses.
RabbitMany people keep rabbits. Rabbit, which is called rabbit in Hindi. It is a small looking innocent animal. The one who eats green grass with great relish. Many such people say that there is no problem of money in the house by raising rabbits. Its body is very soft.
BullsIn ancient times, they were mostly used for farming. But with the change of time, their importance has decreased as compared to earlier. But even today they are used in villages and sugarcane farming.


Q- What is the name of the pet?

Ans- There are many animals (names of animals) which are domesticated, for example, cat , Dog , sheep (Bhed), bull (Bail), horse (Ghoda), goat (Bakri), cow (Gay). , Pig (Suwar) etc., there are many, read the post for complete information.

Q- What are animals called in Hindi?

Ans- Creatures, animals, animals etc.

Q3 – Which was the first animal domesticated by man?

Ans – Humans first made the dog a pet.

Q4 – Which animal is reared mainly for milk?

Ans- Cows are mostly reared for milk.

Q : Write 20 pet animals name hindi and english ?

Ans :बिल्ली (Cat) ,कुत्ता (Dog) ,भेड़ (Sheep) ,बैल (ox) ,घोड़ा (Horse) ,बकरी (Goat) ,घोड़ी (Mare) , गाय (Cow) ,खरगोश (Rabbit) ,सूअर (Pig) ,ऊंट (Camel) ,बत्तख (Duck) ,मोर (Peacock) ,कबूतर (Pigeon),मुर्गी (Hen) ,मुर्गा (Cock),तोता (Parrot),कुत्ते का बच्चा (Puppy),चूहा (Rat)


In this post, we shared a complete list with you, in which there was a complete list of names of many types of pets. Hope you will definitely like this post, if you like the post, do share it and also share it with your friends. .

This post which will help small children to understand and remember the names of pet animals in Hindi and English, hope this post will enhance your knowledge as per your requirement.

Heartfelt thanks for reading this post completely!!!!



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